For the company CACAOBOB.LTD. and its President Andrey Sorokin, the cooperation with Michel Palolem was an important turning point in the realization of the necessity of conversion of the vacated lands of the sugar plantations. Environmentally friendly, healthy, beneficial product, cocoa is the way of the future farmers and peasants of Mauritius.


Mauritian businessman, landowner, with years of experience growing and exporting products of sugar cane. Michel Fayol, one of the first to realize the need of conversion of agricultural production in Mauritius and in 2008 established a new plantation in Klavet, where he began farming

exotic fruits and spices.

The next stage of development of the plantation KLAVET in 2016, cooperation with the Mauritius company CACAOBOB.LTD, which has proposed to jointly establish the first Mauritius kennel cocoa.