The initiator of the project CACAOBOB, Andrey Sorokin believes that the export of cocoa beans, solves the problem of limited market agricultural crops on the island, provides long-term development of economy. The future of social and economic development of farmers of Mauritius for COCOA!


In the nursery CACAOBOB.LTD in Klavet today you can get podbroshennye tree seedlings Mauritius cocoa. Here are preparing for planting 10,000 seedlings of cacao trees. Adapted to the climate of Mauritius, its soils and chemical composition of water.

From selected fruit of the parent

Klavet garden, we grow seedlings for the farmers of Mauritius. Each farmer, which will create your cocoa garden CACAOBOB.LTD guarantees in advance the purchase of future harvests.

Global demand and prices for cocoa are growing every year.

The exchange price for cocoa beans is 7 times higher prices for cane sugar.

We believe that the future of agribusiness Mauritius - cocoa!

Cocoa is unique in productivity and demand in the world market culture, which is the same as a mango or breadfruit, does not require processing chemicals and allows for 40-50 years to harvest cocoa beans in Mauritius.