Мы выращиваем элитные сорта какао, наиболее продуктивные и дорогие на рынке. 


We grow elite varieties of cacao, the most productive and expensive on the market. Seedlings our nursery has adapted to the climate, water features and soils of Mauritius. The end products are: cocoa beans, cocoa grated, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, dark chocolate.


For five years we are conducting our project in Mauritius, have received invaluable experience of growing cocoa trees in industrial quantities. And here no risk, no reward. It is important for us to go all the way, to see for ourselves and show other farmers in Mauritius new opportunities.

Mother's garden is equipped with Klavet

automated system for individual watering and feeding of plants. We are interested in the future, the long term development of Mauritius, through the provision of population with paid work, while preserving the natural environment, this is important.